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Join TRIO in Supporting the People of Harbour Island

If you follow TRIO and our 3% Initiative – or if you know our founder, Angela Harris, – you understand we have a special place in our hearts for Harbour Island in the Bahamas. Over the last several years, in conjunction with Exceptional Education Outreach (EEO), TRIO has helped build several schools and made Briland education the primary focus of our 3% Initiative.

The coronavirus pandemic has devastated Harbour Island’s tourism-based economy. Virtually all of the island’s main sources of employment—hotels, restaurants, marinas, and many other businesses—have been closed to prevent the spread of the disease.

Br-Island Responsible Development (B-I-R-D) is raising funds to help provide food and other essential household products for those in need, in conjunction with a number of Harbour Island businesses, organizations and individuals, including: Member of Parliament Ricky Mackey; longstanding Harbour Island resident, philanthropist and businesswoman India Hicks; attorney and businessman Paul King; Captain Bob’s; Ocean View; and the Green School, to name a few.

TRIO is proud to join those who have already contributed to this meaningful cause. If you are able, we’d love if you considered making a donation to a cause that means so much to us.

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About the 3% Initiative

TRIO’s passion for making the world a more beautiful place extends beyond interior architecture and visual merchandising. With the TRIO 3 Percent Initiative our commitment is to strengthen less fortunate communities and cultivate equal opportunity by donating 3 percent of our revenue to various non-profit organizations. Have a cause we might be able to help with? Let us know.