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We Believe in Beautiful Design for Everyone

Introducing Bode & Well

Design for a Better Tomorrow

Intentional design. Inspired collections. Thoughtful manufacturing. Better living. Explore beautifully designed elements for your home — curated by Angela Harris to be enjoyed for generations to come.

“Bode & Well is an exciting endeavor to fulfill our belief that everyone deserves great design and can live beautifully.”

Holly ScottChief Marketing Officer

Shop Curated & Clean Living Collections

Discover and explore curated products at


One-of-a-kind designs that evoke emotion, spark a conversation, elicit questions, and inspire a wellness-oriented life.


From minimalist designs to maximalist patterns, explore a collection of sophisticated and fun collection of tile.


Authentic and beautiful fabric collections at attainable price points and retail ready.


A curated selection of high-quality, unique bedding sets, fit for any bedroom style.
Curated Design

“We believe in fostering a community of support among professionals who endeavor to create beauty and promote wellness in live & work & escape spaces all around the world. By partnering with some of the best and most thoughtful manufacturers in the industry.”

Angela HarrisPrincipal & CEO

Learn More About Bode & Well

What exactly is Bode & Well?

Bode & Well is a platform dedicated to partnering with some of the best and most thoughtful manufacturers in the industry to offer a curated collection of lifestyle products that improve the quality standard. We are actively focused on shifting the industry toward a more healthy legacy: to do better today than we did yesterday and move the design experience beyond form or function.

Can I shop and buy products on Bode & Well?

Yes! Shop our curated collection of products that foster a better, healthier, and more intentional quality of life at an attainable price point.

Do I need a special account to shop at Bode & Well?

In most cases no, you can shop our products the same way you would any others online. While most of our items are readily available, some of our products are exclusively available only to the trade. But we are always working to make all our elements accessible to all.

Why should i shop at Bode & Well?

We believe that healthier, elevated design should be accessible to everyone, so we’ve curated a collection of clean living furniture and accessories for your home that can be enjoyed for generations to come.

Are you looking for new partnerships?

YES! We are always looking for partners who share our values and want to get creative with us. We are always expanding our product lines and would love to talk with you. Let’s collaborate!

Find Your Inspiration

Join us as we take a moment to look toward the future, wander through spaces that offer the latest and most inspired moments — from breathability and a softer comfort to bold sunset hues and stark textures — that will define the trends for tomorrow.