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On June 25, fellow designers and architects are invited to Science in Design Summit, presented by International Design Collection.

This 1-day summit features industry experts and professional experts from Science in Design, the certification program that teaches interior designers about the positive effects of beauty, nature, and fine design on people’s physical and emotional health.

Attendees will gain valuable insights into leveraging neuroscientific principles to create aesthetically pleasing and mentally beneficial design solutions.

Christie zumBrunnen, Chief Design Officer with TRIO will share how we use “Science in Design” to differentiate our firm. This session focuses on how to implement biophilia and neuroaesthetics into design planning and execution while creating a health-based design process.

Not only will this session teach industry professionals the health benefits behind the convergence of science in design, but will also show you how adopting these principles in your practice will grow your business.

Learn why designing for the “unconscious mind” will enhance the value of your business model.

See the full agenda here.

We are so excited to have Science in Design back in Denver!