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Get Ready for Stunning New Reveals from Angela & Team

Season 2 of The Reveal ventures into multifamily properties with brand new episodes of The Design network’s hit show. In this season our Principal & CEO, Angela Harris, will walk you through the design process of some of TRIO’s gorgeous and unique multifamily communities located in Denver, Colorado.

Episode 3 – Now Streaming

In Episode 3, we take a tour through the Alexan Julian. TRIO was very intentional with bringing out the old architecture and again, celebrating the history of the space. Doubling lighting as artwork installations and creating conversational areas, the simplicity of the design really complements the industrial architecture and creates those subtle nods to historic downtown Denver.

Watch Episode 3 of The Reveal

About The Reveal

This is the moment every designer loves and no client ever forgets. It’s the moment when a home is complete, the design work is finished, and the transformation is ready to be unveiled. The Reveal takes you inside some of the most stunning homes in America, opening the doors, and the designs to you – showcasing amazing work meticulously curated by an elite class of interior designers.