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On Thursday, July 27, Team TRIO and fellow designers and architects attended Science in Design: Where Beauty Meets Science, presented by Benjamin Moore.
Hosted by Denver Design District, the event was an introduction to Science in Design (SID) featuring three industry thought-leaders, innovators, and SID advisory board members, where they shared their expertise on implementing the principles of neuroaesthetics in their architecture and design practice. 
Moderated by Angela Harris, CEO/Principal of TRIO and SID advisory board member, the event featured presentations by Don Ruggles, author and CEO Emeritus at Ruggles Mabe Studio, and Mike Peterson, Co-Founder at Science in Design and President at Visionary Design Marketing.
At the heart of the event is the emerging field Neuroaesthetics — the study of the intersection between neuroscience, psychology and aesthetics. Creating spaces that positively impact our mental and physical health, in addition to being aesthetically pleasing and functional, is part of a growing interior design and architecture practice.
Angela, Don, and Mike shared evidence and information about how the convergence of science and design is changing the future of the interior design industry.
“Science in Design teaches interior designers about the positive effects of beauty, nature, and fine design on people’s physical and emotional health. The goal is to help designers use beauty to promote healing, which has been proven by the study of neuroaesthetics and medicine.” — Mike Peterson, Science in Design
Post-presentation, attendees were invited to a happy hour sponsored by Hoff Miller.
We’re thrilled to be part of this beauty movement! Stay tuned for further details about the upcoming Science in Design Certification Course coming later this year.
A special thank you to the event sponsors: Benjamin Moore, TRIO, ByAngelaHarris, Hoff Miller, Denver Design District, Colorado Homes & Lifestyles and Mountain Living magazines.