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TRIO's CEO, Angela Harris, recently shared advice for decorating with animal print.

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With her decades of design experience, Angela was delighted to share her insight about all things animal print décor with TZR.

“No matter how much you love these types of patterns, it doesn’t change the fact that decorating with animal print can be a challenge — especially if you’re trying not to lose the plot and go completely overboard.” says TZR writer Anna Buckman.

Angela says that you shouldn’t be scared to mix animal prints with other patterns. “It can be done!” she emphasizes. However, don’t go into this without a plan if you don’t want things to spiral.

A great way to ensure you don’t go overboard with animal print is to focus on incorporating it through accessories. And while throw pillows are an obvious way to do that, they’re not the only option. Angela recommends snake-skin embossed coasters or a spotted decorative tray.

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