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Angela & Industry Experts Share Strategies for Social Media Success

In the August 2022 issue of Furniture, Lighting & Décor magazine, design industry professionals shared strategies for optimizing social media for your business.

Angela Harris, Principal & CEO of TRIO sat down with Editor-in-Chief Diane Falvey to discuss her approach to successful social media marketing.

“It’s important that I keep a consistent message and voice between the brands to ensure they are working together to make each one stronger. We also want our voice to showcase who we are culturally, what we stand for as an organization and as a brand.”
Angela Harris

In today’s marketing environment, social media is a must. From understanding your audience to setting your brand’s social media goals, these industry insiders share what works for them and why. Read the full interview to learn more about how Angela and other leading design experts are leading the way in social media marketing.